Art Party Add-ons

Looking to add a little more fun and personalization to your art party?  Then look no further!  We offer a variety of ways to my your party even more special.  If you don't see what you are looking for contact us because we want to prove the mess without the stress!


Cupcake Decorating

What art party is complete without  a little sweet treat?  After your artists are finished creating we break out the cupcakes and all the toppings.  Their imaginations and tummies will thank you!



Don't have time to send out the invitations?  We can do it for you!  We provide the invitation or the Evite; you provide us a list of email addresses or mailing addresses and we take care of the rest for you. 


Personalized Gift Bags and Aprons

Each art party includes gift bags and aprons for your artists, but we also give you the option of customizing the bags and aprons with your guests names or your artist's birthday date. 


Photo Booth

We offer the option of a photo booth to help capture the memories of your artist's special day.  Masterpiece will set up the booth, along with props, and you take the photos.  How fun is that?!